Here are some of my favourite web sites.

Promoting science, skepticism and, well, er, just plain reason

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe is a web site, run by the New England Skeptical Society (NESS), that promotes skepticism (or scepticism, if you like) about non-scientific nonsense. From this site, you can download the SGU’s weekly podcast in which the gang of rogues, as the NESS folks like to call themselves, take aim at dangers such as the anti-vaccination movement, complementary and alternative medicine, and faith healing. But that’s only half the fun. The rogues also enjoy skewering the less dangerous (but far from harmless) “woo” beliefs such as astrology and creationism, and scams such as telephone psychics. And they always include some real science news in every  podcast.

Among the SGU rogues are Steven Novella and Rebecca Watson.

Novella, a neurologist, writes the Neurologica blog, which discusses a lot more than medicine and neurology. Check it out if you want to learn the latest real discoveries in evolution, for example.

Watson’s Skepchick blog aims to interest women in science and skepticism.

Biologist P.Z. Myers writes Pharyngula, a sometimes snarky blog that targets religion, scientific ignorance and woo. Read this blog to get your daily dose of watching intelligent design and its idiot sibling creationism get kicked down the stairs.

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