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Vancouver International Film Festival 2016

Last update 11 October, 2016. As usual, most of my reviews will sacrifice sober  judgement and circumspect analysis in favor of intemperate passion and my corrupt personal  taste. Otherwise consider my opinions to be completely arbitrary. But don’t take my … Continue reading

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Four things that Americans desperately need

Before anything else, let me say it: I am not anti-American.  True, the U.S. political system hosts some nasties, but on the whole Americans are decent, friendly and clean. As opposed to the British (who are decent), the Italians (who … Continue reading

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VIFF 2013: The Strange Little Cat; Stand Clear of the Closing Doors.

The Strange Little Cat (72 minutes, Germany, director Roman Zucherto). Family members gather for dinner in a small apartment. There’s a cat in it. If anyone knows what else this film is about, let me know. Stand Clear of the … Continue reading

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VIFF 2013: Cesar’s Grill; Liv and Ingmar

César’s Grill ( 88 minutes, Ecuador/Germany/Switzerland, director Dario Aguirre). Several years after leaving Ecuador for a job in Germany, film maker Dario Aguirre returns to  help his father run the family business — a small failing restaurant in a derelict … Continue reading

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VIFF Film Reviews: Big Men; Village at the End of the World

Big Men (99 minutes, USA, Director — Rachel Boynton). Boynton’s documentary follows the financial and political action that ensues when a large submarine reservoir of oil is discovered just off the coast of Ghana. Since the impoverished African country lacks … Continue reading

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Films at the Vancouver International Film Festival 2013

It’s September 23, and so far I have seen 18 films. I review them as I see them and drop each into one of four categories: “Don’t miss”, “Recommended”, “Okay as a time filler”, and “Avoid at all costs”. Categories … Continue reading

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Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 Reviews: The Project; The Italian Character; Fanie Fourie’s Lobola.

The Project (USA, 89 minutes). Yikes! If you’re gonna train a bunch of Somalis to take out the pirates who prey on shipping off the horn of Africa, make sure the guys you recruit are not pulling for the other … Continue reading

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