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Two films worth seeing

Oh, yeah. The new Star Wars is just about out. But before leaping on board the starship Fantastic Nonsense and drowning in its swimming pool of soda pop, check out two docudramas also showing at your local film-plex. The first … Continue reading

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Resisting evil: Part 1

Early in the morning of June 1, 1962, in the Israeli town of Ramla, prison officials executed Adolf Eichmann. It had been just over two years since Israeli agents had kidnapped the war criminal and smuggled him from Argentina to … Continue reading

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A licence to persecute

According to a story in today’s paper, Muslims in Egypt have already used their new Islam-friendly provisional constitution to persecute Coptic Christians. This follows the wacko fundies in the American south pushing for the definition of the United States as … Continue reading

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The “science can’t . . . ” gambit

So you’ve demolished the arguments advanced by your woo-loving religious adversary: astrology trashed; homeopathy shredded; creationism flushed. But then your opponent’s eyes light up and a wry smile crosses his lips. You know what’s coming, don’t you? “Science may have … Continue reading

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VIFF Film Reviews: No; Paradise; We’re Not Broke; Virgin Tales; Salman Rusdie: Imagining India; Frankenstein: a Modern Myth..

October 5. More films from the Vancouver International Film Fest. No. (Drama, Chile/USA/France, 117 minutes, director Pablo Larrain). Gael Garcia¬† Bernal plays a creative advertising executive who joins the 1988 “No” campaign to oust the murderous Chilean president Augusto Pinochet, … Continue reading

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Perhaps we should insult the Egyptian embassy

Mobs, drunk on religion, are attacking western embassies around the world, killing innocent people. Their excuse? Revenge for a perceived insult to their touchy god, an insult contained in a video by a deranged Christian. But the culture that spawned … Continue reading

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Atheist Principles

The late Christopher Hitchens had an admirable knack for ferreting out the differences between those who follow a religion and those who, like me, don’t. Unhappily, he had a tendency to ramble. Sorting through his prolix rant God is Not … Continue reading

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