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VIFF 2013: The Strange Little Cat; Stand Clear of the Closing Doors.

The Strange Little Cat (72 minutes, Germany, director Roman Zucherto). Family members gather for dinner in a small apartment. There’s a cat in it. If anyone knows what else this film is about, let me know. Stand Clear of the … Continue reading

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VIFF 2013: Cesar’s Grill; Liv and Ingmar

César’s Grill ( 88 minutes, Ecuador/Germany/Switzerland, director Dario Aguirre). Several years after leaving Ecuador for a job in Germany, film maker Dario Aguirre returns to  help his father run the family business — a small failing restaurant in a derelict … Continue reading

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VIFF 2013: Desert Runners; Salmon Confidential; On the Edge of the World

Desert Runners(91 minutes, USA,   director Jennifer Steinman). There is a scene in this relentlessly strenuous documentary that sums up the vitality and spirit of its subjects. It will take some time, so bear with me while I set it up. … Continue reading

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VIFF 2013: Money for Nothing; Oil Sands Karaoke; The Future

Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve (103 minutes, USA, Director Jim Bruce) . This film attempts to look into the minds of the lunatics who took turns running the asylum. The asylum in this case being the United States … Continue reading

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VIFF Film Reviews: Big Men; Village at the End of the World

Big Men (99 minutes, USA, Director — Rachel Boynton). Boynton’s documentary follows the financial and political action that ensues when a large submarine reservoir of oil is discovered just off the coast of Ghana. Since the impoverished African country lacks … Continue reading

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Films at the Vancouver International Film Festival 2013

It’s September 23, and so far I have seen 18 films. I review them as I see them and drop each into one of four categories: “Don’t miss”, “Recommended”, “Okay as a time filler”, and “Avoid at all costs”. Categories … Continue reading

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Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 Reviews: The Project; The Italian Character; Fanie Fourie’s Lobola.

The Project (USA, 89 minutes). Yikes! If you’re gonna train a bunch of Somalis to take out the pirates who prey on shipping off the horn of Africa, make sure the guys you recruit are not pulling for the other … Continue reading

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Vancouver International Film Festval 2013 Reviews: Breathing Earth; Your Day is My Night

Breathing Earth: Susumu Shigu Working with the Wind (Germany/UK; 93 minutes; director Thomas Riedelsheimer). This is one of those documentaries whose subject matter is so lyrical and enticing that the film can not go wrong. And under the quiet and … Continue reading

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VIFF 2013 Film Reviews: Kiss the Water; Ali.

Two films from the Vancouver International Film Festival. Shown at the media previews; the festival starts September 26. For a schedule, go here. Kiss the Water (UK/USA; 80 min; Director — Eric Steel. Although the cinematography is brilliant and the … Continue reading

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