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What not to (cough) do during the opera

Went to the opera Saturday night. It was great, my companions informed me. I have to take their word for it because for me much of it was drowned out by the constant coughing of a woman in the row … Continue reading

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Five Regular Solids, Part Three

Parts One and Two of this series of blogs established the following facts about solids that have F flat faces, E straight edges and V vertices. 1. The second fact concerns those solids that are regular. By regular we mean … Continue reading

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Five Regular Solids, Part Two

We have counted the number of faces (F), the number of vertices (V) and the number of edges (E) on five regular solids. These solids are regular because the number of edges bounding each face (m) is the same for … Continue reading

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Faster-than-light neutrinos update

Two months ago, I commented on the report by physicists at Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy who claimed they had observed neutrinos travelling faster than light. I pointed out that in real science (as opposed to crank science) anomalous … Continue reading

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Five Regular Solids, Part One

Observe the five colourful objects that head my blog. The tetrahedron Leftmost is a tetrahedron — a pyramid with a triangular base. Notice how regular and symmetric it is. It has four corners — mathematicians call them vertices (singular vertex) … Continue reading

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Film Review: Anonymous

Hamlet is about Hamlet’s resentment of his uncle; Othello is about Othello’s possessiveness of Desdemona ; Twelfth Night is about Viola’s love of Orsino. You would think, therefore, that Roland Emmerich’s new film Anonymous, which promotes the theory that the … Continue reading

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The Mirror Puzzle

Most people laugh when I ask this question. Then they tieĀ  themselves into knots trying to answer it. Explanations are usually accompanied by diagrams featuring stick figures. Actually you can answer it in less than 50 words, without diagrams. Here’s … Continue reading

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